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When you are planning your wedding you will have lots of questions and I am here to help, there are no silly questions!  Having been a wedding photographer for over 15 years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and have lots of experience and I want to offer you the best possible service! Here are a few of my frequently asked questions, if there is something I have not covered here please get in touch!

How much does it cost?

All of my wedding photography packages are bespoke to you, every day and every couple is different and I want you to have the flexibility to put together the right package that suits you! Prices generally start from £1200 but I do also offer a Micro wedding package starting at £350. Prices will vary depending on;

The time of year – winter will be less expensive than mid-summer.

The day of the week – I offer reduced rates for mid-week weddings (Monday-Thursday)

The coverage you would like on the day – when I start and finish photographing.

What extra’s you would like – like an album,  prints or framed photographs.

To put your perfect package together please get in touch.

What is included in a package?

Whatever package you put together it will include;

Approximately (depending on the coverage on the day) 400 final photographs

All of your wedding photographs will be professionally edited – my post-productions in around 12-16 hours per wedding.

A USB with your high resolution fully edited wedding photographs – without any watermarks and a printing licence that allows you to print from them for your personal use as big and often as you wish

A password secure online gallery of your final fully edited wedding photographs, to share with your friends and family that they can order prints from if they wish.

50, A6 thank you cards and envelopes – printed with an image of your choice and the details of your password secure website. 

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been a wedding photographer for over 15 years and it is my only job and I photograph on average 60 weddings a year. That adds up to a lot of experience ( maths isn’t my strong point!) As a wedding photographer knowing how the day runs and being able to anticipate where to be to capture the best shots and also knowing how to work with no only you not the wedding day but also your venue and other supplier is vital to making the day run smoothly while also capture those perfect shots you will cherish forever.

Where are you based and will you travel?

I live in sunny Sussex and photograph weddings all over the country and the world, have car and passport WILL TRAVEL! As a documentary photographer, I love to go to new places and meeting new people and particularly love to work at new venues.  I do charge for travel past 50 miles from my home – the cost is agreed before the wedding day, to cover petrol or train fares. If the venue is far away, the cost of overnight accommodation would be added, usually for the night before to avoid the lottery of traffic jams on this island, and possibly for the night after as well. Usually, the extra cost is not significant. For weddings abroad, the costs charged (or paid directly by the client) would include such things as flights, airport transfers, taxis, accommodation, car rental if needed, and meals. But this isn’t as expensive as it may sound if cheap flights are booked well in advance.

Can we meet or video call to chat about options.

ABSOLUTELY! I think it’s a really good idea to meet or video call as it gives you a chance to get to know me a little. Unlike a lot of you wedding suppliers, I will be with you and your guest all day and you feel comfortable around me is vital to me capturing those natural and authentic moments! I, may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OK, like every aspect of your wedding day it’s about you and what is right for you as a couple. So drop me a line or pop me a call I would love to hear more about your wedding day and have a chat!

Can we see examples of a wedding at our venue or similar.

Yes! I think it can be really helpful for you to see a full wedding either from our venue or a similar style of venue, that way you get to a whole wedding day and how I photograph the different parts of the day. It can also give you some great ideas for styling and colours!  So please drop me an email and I can share some real weddings with you.

Do we meet again before the wedding day?

Speaking to you a week or so before the wedding day is REALLY helpful for me! It is a chance to chat through the finer details of the day, that at that point you will have finely tuned! We will have a better idea about the kind of weather to expect and can make plans based around the timings of the day. It’s a chance to chat about any group shots you would like and a chance to ask me any questions you have. Most importantly it is a time for me to really understand your vision for the day and ensure I capture every aspect for you.

How do you organise any formal group shots we would like?

The keyword here is organise!! I am really happy to photograph some more formal groups of friends and family for you BUT I don’t want it to take over your day! YOUR WEDDING DAY IS NOT A PHOTOSHOOT! I think everyone has been to a wedding where they are left hanging around for ages to be called to be photographed and it is DULL for you and your guest!! So I ask for your list of group shots before the wedding day, that way I also don’t need to ask you on the day, when you might forget a combination. This then allows me to be really organised on the day and photograph them quickly and efficiently so you can all get on with the good stuff!

When do we recieve our wedding photographs?

I will always try and get your final, fully edited, wedding photographs to you within 10-14 days after the wedding, some times it can take longer but that is always my aim. As soon as they are ready I will email you the link to the password secure website and if you are away on honeymoon I wait and post your USB pout to you for when you get home.

Will our wedding photographs have water marks on?

NO! Your wedding photographs that are on your USB will not have any watermarks on and are all HIGH resolutions so you can print them as many time as you like and as big as you like!

Can our friends and family order prints?

Yes, a massive range of prints and digital downloads are available for you and your friends and family to order from your password secure website.

How many photographs will we get?

This will vary on the amount of time/coverage you have me on the day but as a guide, if I am with you from final prep pre-ceremony through until your first dance you will receive approx 400 fully edited final wedding photographs. I don’t have a maximum  or a minimum number of photographs I take on the day.

Will our wedding photos be fully edited?

Yes! I spend around 12- 16 hours after your wedding editing your photographs. It is a massive part of what you are paying a professional photographer for. Although I don’t like over-processed photographs I am a perfectionist and what to give you the BEST possible service!!!

Do we get a mixture of colour and black and white photographs?

Yes! I  will always ask you if you would like a mix of colour and black and white or if you prefer one over the other at our chat before the day. I shoot everything in colour and then I edit your photos to your preferred mix of colour and black and white.

What happens if your camera brakes?

I always have at least 2 cameras and a variety of lenses and flashguns with me on the day because once in a blue moon kit does fail! So by having lots with me if the worst does happen it wont matter I will have plenty of back up kit with me!

Do you ask for a deposit?

Yes, I ask for 25% of the package you would like to book.

When do we pay the final balance?

Your final balance is due a month before your wedding date.

How do we book?

If you would like to go ahead and book I have an online booking system, that has a wedding contract and a form for all of your contact details, wedding date, etc.

Do we feed you on the wedding day??

Only if you want me to stay past the start of the weddings breakfast, if so yes, please. I don’t need a 3-course meal but something hot is always really appreciated! Oh, and I am veggie! xxx

What is your style and approach to photographing our wedding - how do you work?

I am a documentary/natural/ candid wedding photographer. They all pretty much mean the same thing! It means I do my very best ( with 2 camera’s strapped to me) to blend into your wedding day and photograph those authentic moments, the tears and the laughter oh and the nose-picking! I am NOT there to boss you all around and march you from pillar to post! My mantra is “Your wedding day is NOT a photoshoot!” The more relaxed you and your guest are the better your wedding photographs will be! For more info on how I work on the day please check out his BLOG POST

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch, I am here to help and would love to hear about your wedding plans, Danni xx

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