Wedding Photographer in Sussex – Hi, I am Danni

Hi, I am Danni a wedding photographer in Sussex! I have often been asked if Danni Beach is my real name, as it a great sounding name, yes I married Mr Beach and not only for his great name!! I am a mum of two fantastic girls and more animals than is sensible!! Growing up on Ashdown forest surrounded by dogs, goats, the odd cow and horses has instilled a life long love of animals and the great outdoors in me. Most of our furry friends are rescues; even our Guinea pigs and hamsters are rescued. Our newest, perhaps not furry, members of the menagerie are Bee’s; yes I can rock a Bee suit!!

Family, friends and adventure are at the centre of my life’s passions. The four of us are all water sports mad; in, on, under we are not fussy! Although Stand up Paddleboarding is my favourite, even for someone as uncoordinated as me!

I have always be driven to want to help both animals but also people, at university as part of my degree, I spent a year photographing a marine life rescue ship called the Ocean Defender. An ex Norwegian whaling ship that had been turned into a research vessel with an onboard marine hospital. We attended oil spills and help with research project like dolphin surveys (It was an amazing year!) I have since spent time volunteering in refugee camps, distributing food and clothing and working on an art project in refugee camp The Jungle in Calais. I have also been involved with the brilliant homeless charity, Sussex Homeless Support in Brighton. Helping others has always been really important to me.

My camera love story.

At the age of 10, my Dad gave me my first camera and for me that was it! I have never wanted to be anything else than a photographer! My awesome dad would give me 1 roll of film a month and I remember the excitement of posting off that precious roll of film of and the moment the prints would land on the doormat!! Arrhh total heaven! This love of photography lead to a lengthy education journey (did I mention my Dad is a legend!) From A-level photography, a photography foundation course to a degree in fine art Photography and finishing with a Post Grad in Photo Journalism. I knew my passion lay in storytelling and documentary photography. I then spent 12 years working, in house, at the magazine publishing house IPC, working on incredible titles ranging from, Marie Claire to Country Life. I had so many adventures and travelled the globe but I still had the itch for storytelling and documentary photography. It wasn’t until I was planning our own wedding that the penny dropped! Here was what I was looking for storytelling and documentary photography I have never looked back since. Now 15 years later, I absolutely love what I do! To capturing those moments of joy and love, tears and laughter, family and friend telling the story of your wedding day with natural and candid wedding photography.

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Your wedding photography.

Working with you on your wedding journey is always an honour, and I firmly believe “It’s your day, do it your way!! I am here to listen and work with you, to ensure it as fun and stress-free as possible and to capture those precious moments and people on your wedding.

I have been referred to as the 5th emergency service and an extra bridesmaid, how I work on your wedding day is as important to me as capturing the smallest of details and the loudest of laughs. With years of experience and a camera bag nicknames ‘Mary Poppins’ by one of my brides, I am there to help on the day if you need it, to make you and your guest feel relaxed around the camera and with rescue remedy at hand, to calm those nerves.

I would love to hear about your wedding plans and you think I might be the one for you please get in touch.

Now time for me to step out from behind the camera and introduce myself…arghhhh!!!

“If you’re looking for a photographer to capture those special moments on your wedding day, please, please, please look no further than Danni Beach- she really is the best of the best. Not only is Danni super talented at getting the iconic wedding snaps, she is also a ninja who takes some amazing sneaky natural shots which really reflect the tone of your day.  It also helps that she is one of the friendliest and loveliest women I have met and she really became a big part of our wedding. I still get a pang of jealousy when looking at her social media of recent weddings- can we do it all over again?!”

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