Aug 25

Sussex Wedding Photographer – 5 Tips on how to choose your wedding photographer.


How do you choose your wedding photographer?

When it comes to planning your wedding it can feel very daunting, especially when it comes to your wedding photographs, there are so many photographers to choose from! So how do you begin to choose your perfect wedding photographer, here are my 5 top tips.


1 – Where to start finding your perfect wedding photographer?

Recommendations are a really great way to start the journey. When you book your venue they will generally have a recommended suppliers list which is a great starting point. Wedding photographers that are on your venues recommended suppliers list will have worked at your wedding venue before and know great places for your wedding photographs.

Ask your friends and family as they might know first hand of someone great! As a wedding photographer knowing your wedding venue can be helpful but I absolutely love working at new venues, seeing somewhere for the first time is a great chance to get those creative juices flowing.

Look online, there are so many great sites, like Guides for Brides. These are great places to look at the photographer’s work and also reviews that past couples will have left.



2 – Look at the photographer portfolio.

Always check out their portfolio, all photographers will have websites, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Take some time to really look at their work, you will often get a feeling really quickly. See what resonates with you, great wedding photographs conveys emotion. Even if you are unsure of what you are looking for, you should get a feeling of someone’s work straight away.



3 – Meet your wedding photographer.

My top tip is always meet your wedding photographer. I know this can be difficult in the current climate, but it can always be done by Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. Meeting face to face is always going to be better as you are more likely get a real feeling for them as a person.

Your wedding photographer is going to spend all day with you and in order for them to really capture the essence of your wedding it is important you and your guests feel relaxed around them. I strongly believe how your photographer behaves on the day is as important as the pictures they take. As a candid, natural, documentary  photographer it’s my role to blend into the background but also help you and your guests feel relaxed around the camera.

By meeting your photographer you’ll get a chance to know whether or not you feel comfortable with them. It’s really important that you feel confident in what they do and how we will behave on the day. Again online reviews are really good way to get a feel for the how the photographer works on the day.



4 – Ask lots of questions or advise on your wedding photography.

Experienced wedding photographers have a lot of knowledge about weddings. From timings to ideas of what might or might not work for you on your day. It is important to remember this is your day and it’s vital that your photographer listens to what you want and how your want your day to run. Do however pick their brains for inspiration on timings, group shots and other recommendations for other suppliers. Feel confident to ask any questions you may have, there is no such thing as a silly question! Most couples have never organized a wedding before so you might have lots of question.

5 – Follow your instincts!

I always compare looking for your perfect wedding photographer; to meeting your perfect partner, you just know!! Follow your instinct and try not to be over whelmed by choice, you will know when you have found the photographer that is right for you, you will just click with them, see what I did there 😉 (groan!!)

So don’t feel daunted to start your journey in find your perfect wedding photographer, it is as easy as 1,2,3 oh and 4 and 5!!!

If you would like to chat to me or arrange a meeting to talk through your wedding photography, please get in touch, it is always a pleasure to speak to you about your big day!!!

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