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Photography tips – 3 top tips for perfect pictures.

My 3 top photography tips.

These are 3 really simple photography tips that you can use when you photograph pretty much anyone or anything!! Whether you are using your phone or your SLR camera, it doesn’t matter, from a disposable camera to the most expensive bit of kit imaginable, these 3 tips will instantly take your photographs to the next level!

But first up..

This might sound crazy but before you even lift your camera you need to LOOK! ‘What the hell!’ I hear you cry of course I am looking I am taking a photo! What I mean is REALLY look, take in what you are seeing and consider my 3 top Photography tips!

Tip 1,  Look for the LIGHT.

No not that kind of end of days light, I mean look for the light on or around your subject. Whatever you are shooting, first of all, look and take in your environment and see where and what light there is. Light is a tool for you to use and work with. It could be sunlight, street lights or artificial light, whatever light there is, is there for you to use and create with, it can give you highlights, shadows and definition that then gives your photograph drama, life or tell a story.

Our eyes are amazing and adjust to light automatically without us thinking about it. For example, when someone is standing with a window behind them, our eyes adjust to see the persons face but if you pointed a camera at that situation, it would probably make the person look like they are in shadow and too dark to see properly because the light coming through the window is so much brighter than the light on the persons face. A great and quick way to assess the light in any situation is to squint! I know it sounds a bit crazy but bare with me! Camera’s see more contrast than our eyes do but when we squint what we see is more akin to how the camera sees contrast, detail and shadow. Now there are several options in this situation but the simplest it to move, so the light is on them rather than behind them. This example shows the instant results of using light as a tool to immediately improve your photograph, by moving the sitter to face the light gives you instant results.


Photo tips for lighting


2, Consider the ANGLE.

Whether you are photographing a person, animal or an object think about the angle you are shooting from. With portraits generally, shooting from above, looking down slightly, is much more flattering. No-one wants you looking up their nose or showing off their double chins!! Also, consider the background when you are thinking about your angle by moving up or down or side to side you can find an angle that removes any distractions from the background.


top photography tips on angle


3 Wait and look for the MOMENT.

A great photograph will capture a moment or tell a story, so wait and look for that moment. You have found your light and your angle now you need that moment, it can be the expression or gesture, a look or a laugh that captures the person or the story. Don’t be afraid to take more than 1 shot, people blink and move and have many micro-expressions. Even in the moment of laughing their face can go from deranged to happy in a split second. All professional photographers will take more than one shot of a moment, so don’t be afraid to snap away! When you are photographing people you might be trying to capture the moment, a candid photograph, in which case you just wait for the moment. Or like these shots am interacting with my subject making them laugh and feel relaxed but I am still looking to capture that authentic moment that tells a story. photography tips on looking for the moment

Consider these 3 Photography tips,

These tips are really simple and at their core are about looking and assessing the environment you are in. Seeing where the light is, even if you don’t want to move your subject, you can move around them and find the light you like (remember a quick squint can really help!) Look at the background, is there anything you don’t want to see in the picture that might distract the eye, look for the angle that flatters or is more dynamic, just a small adjustment can make a massive difference! Now look and wait for the moment and don’t be afraid to take a handful of shots. Think, LIGHT, ANGLE, MOMENT!!

Now get out there and take some amazing photographs!! Like any skill the more you practice the more these things become second nature.

If you would be interested in more 1-1 help and photography tips, please check out my courses and mentoring page.


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