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Candid wedding photography -How I photography your wedding day

Looking for your wedding photographer can feel like a very daunting task! So I wanted to explain my approach and style of wedding photography and how I work on your wedding day. There are lots of terms for what I do, candid wedding photography, natural wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography, and they all mean the same thing. It is a style of wedding photography that unobtrusively documents your day and tells a narrative, the story of your day. Capturing the genuine and authentic emotions of your wedding day.

I ABSOLUTELY hate having my photograph taken and know how uncomfortable it can feel. I would love a Harry Potter cloak so I could disappear into the background on your wedding day but without such luxuries and with 2 cameras strapped to me at all times, a really important part of what I do is to make you and your guest feel relaxed while being photographed. To capture those moments of love and laughter authentically, my job is to blend into your day, so everyone can all thoroughly enjoy your wedding and it doesn’t feel like a photo shoot!


So how do I photograph the different part of the day?

I usually start a couple of hours before the ceremony, whether you are at home, at the venue or a hotel. I love this part of the wedding day, capturing those little details and the moments of you and those you are closest to, oh and the odd nerve! Telling the story of your day also means telling the story of your relationships with the people you love, capturing those candid tender glances and gestures. On the wedding morning, you tend to be with your nearest and dearest and it is a chance for me to really portray those emotions and relationships. I am also on hand to help or keep you calm if you need it! I had a father of the bride describe my camera bag as a “Marry Poppins bag’ filled to the brim with everything you might need! To give you an idea, I always carry, rescue remedy, pins, crochet hooks, hairpins, sewing kits, blister plaster and lots of other super useful things that come in really useful on a wedding day!


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Here comes the bride!

The arrival of the bride at church is always a wonderful and slightly nervous part of the day. From the bride at the entrance to the church or ceremony room, to what I like to call the look of fear on the groom’s face! My style of candid wedding photography is about these moments to capture and cherish, it is all about the looks and gestures, those fleeting moments that tell the story of your relationships and the day. Your wedding ceremony is at the heart of your wedding day, full of tears and laughter and joy.


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The emotions of a wedding ceremony candid wedding photography


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How I photography your group shots.

It is always great to photograph a handful of group shots on your wedding day but I think most people have been at a wedding where this part of the day drags on and is really dull!! For me, I want to be quick and organised, I will always ask for a list of these groups when we chat a week or so before the wedding day, this gives you a chance to think about the combinations you would like and we can chat about when and where we shoot them.  Being organised about this part of the day is the key to quick and easy group shots! While photographing the groups I also look and wait for those more relaxed moments so you have a mixture of formal and more relaxed group shots.

candid wedding group shots


I’ll drink to that!

The drinks reception is a time for you to mingle and chat with your wedding guests and a chance for me to take those natural and candid wedding photographs of the people you love. The way I work and my style of wedding photography is to blend into the background during your drinks reception and photograph your friend and family in a natural and candid way.  As well as time to photograph the set up of your wedding breakfast, photographing those details that you have spent time and effort organising all while you enjoy talking to your wedding guests.

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Just the two of us (oh and me!!)

Finding time on the day to sneak off to shoot some beautiful natural and candid wedding photographs of the two of you is also a great chance for you both to spend a few precious moments together, less romantical with me in tow! I never want to drag you away from your friend and family so we find a time in the day when your guest won’t miss you. For example, if you are not having a receiving line, as your guests are being called into dinner is a perfect chance to go for a stroll. Or after the wedding breakfast, when all the speeches have been done and you have eaten like Kings and Queens going to stretch your legs and enjoy some beautiful evening light while your guests relax and prepare for your evening entertainment is also a great time. My style of wedding photography is all about capturing those authentic moments, even when we go for the couple’s shot, I want you to enjoy this part of your day and encourage you to relax and be yourselves! I want to capture not only those relaxed portraits of you both but also those big wow shot of you in and around your wedding venue while making the most of the natural light.

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My style of candid wedding photography and how I shoot your meal and speeches.

Your wedding breakfast and speeches are an amazing chance to capture more relaxed shots of you and your guests, caught in the moment. There is generally more silliness and laughter, especially through your speeches!! Now no one wants to be photographed while they are eating, so I tend to wander in and around in between courses, photographing these wonderful moments, all the laughter and tears!


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Let’s dance!

When it comes to the evening, it is time to let your hair down and DANCE, whether it’s a gentle sway or a full-on dirty dancing lift. There is generally some more silliness and fun and I love it!! Getting right into the middle of the dance floor to photograph those moments!!


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As the sun sets and the light fades it can also give us a chance to sneak off for 5 minutes to capture some night shots or enjoy some fireworks and sparklers. A perfect way to end your perfect day!


Night shots wedding sussex

evening shot Upwaltham BArns

2020 christmas lights Hever Castle wedding

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At the core of everything I do, I believe it is your day do it your way! I want to work with you to ensure your wedding day is all that you have dreamed of and will produce those perfect images of natural and candid wedding photographs you will cherish forever.

If you think I might be the photographer you would like to capture your day and my style of wedding photography is what you are looking for please get in touch as I firmly believe it is really important for you to feel comfortable with me, as we will spend a lot of your wedding day together. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog for some wedding planning advice or wedding photography inspiration please take a look at my other blogs.


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