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Sussex wedding photography prices – How much you should spend on your wedding photography?

Wedding photography prices.

Wedding photography prices vary considerably but how much should you spend? Now there is the question! It is after all an investment and it will be what you look back on and enjoy for many years to come. When comes to choosing the right wedding photographer knowing how much to spend is always going to be a key starting point. As with everything to do with your wedding it will come down to your budget, there is a rule of thumb that your wedding photography should be about approx 5% of your wedding budget.  So, why so much variation when you look online and what to consider?


Your wedding DATE, on or off-peak?

Your wedding date will have a lot to do with the potential price of your wedding photography. If your wedding date is off-season or mid-week you will be looking at spending less on your wedding photography as most photographers generally offer discounts for off-peak and mid-week weddings. However, if you are looking at a Saturday in August . . . yes you have guessed, it is going to be more. Like many industries, the wedding industry has a peak and off-peak season. Midweek weddings have become very popular and I photograph more and more weddings on a Monday or Tuesday. It is something worth considering if you want to keep the costs down but of course, the date has to suit you and how you want to plan your wedding. My best advice to all my couples is,



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What coverage to choose for your wedding day?

Again this may come down to your budget but what parts of your wedding day do you want to photograph, is it just the ceremony, some group shots and shots of the two of you? Or are you looking at all-day coverage from bridal preparations before the through until the dancing in the evening? What coverage will affect how much you pay for your wedding photography?


What is included in your wedding photography package?

It can be very confusing when you look at different photographers and they may structure their prices differently. So you need to look at the coverage they are offering and what you receive at the end after your wedding day. Are your final wedding photographs all edited, my editing takes me on average around 2 days after the wedding. When you book a wedding photographer you are paying not only for the day they spend with you but also for the post-production of your wedding photographs. Also, are you receiving high-resolution images and if so how many? I would expect to receive around 300 to 400 high-resolution fully edited wedding photographs. They should have no watermarks on them and the rights for you to print them for your personal use. What else do you get in your package, is there a secure website you and your guests can see your wedding photographs on? Do you get a USB or just a download? All my packages include 50 thank you cards with a link to the online gallery.


What add-ons would you like in your package?

Things like having a second shooter on the day perhaps for larger weddings will of course cost more. Would you like a wedding album or prints or wall art, as these will carry an additional cost. Is this something you can come back and order at a later date? These are things that will increase your wedding photography prices

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Check for hidden costs!

Does it look too good to be true? Always look for the hidden costs and ask questions! Look at exactly what it is you will be receiving, are you getting your images high resolution? How many images are you going to get and are they fully edited? Is travel to my wedding included in the price? These are always really good questions to ask your wedding photographer and good reputable wedding photographers will be more than happy to answer!


Why is wedding photography expensive?

Wedding photography may seem expensive but an experienced professional wedding photographer will have spent many years training and honing their craft. In the same way, you might employ a craftsperson like a cabinet maker to create beautiful bespoke wardrobes for you. You would book them for their experience and craftsmanship, having seen examples of their previous work, knowing they were qualified to do a great job for you!

Your wedding photographer may well be with you from 8 to 12 hours on the wedding day but this is not all you’re paying for. There will be the initial consults, email and phone conversations and sometimes your wedding photographer will go and scout out your venue or places to take great pictures. The largest proportion of any wedding photographer’s job is editing, as I mentioned earlier. I spend between 12 to 16 hours editing a wedding. This will all depend on the size of the wedding and the coverage on the day but it is really important to consider that you are paying not only for the coverage on the day but also for all this work that goes on behind the scenes and their experience.


Sussex wedding photography prices.

Ultimately the sky is the limit, as with anything we buy. Wedding photography prices will vary with the time of year, day of the week and what you want to include in your package. But keep in mind you generally get what you pay for and if you are offered a really low price ask yourself why?? If you find a wedding photographer who wants to charge you £4000, what are you getting for that? If you want fantastic wedding photographs but your budget won’t stretch to your ideal wedding photographer consider less coverage on the day, order your album at a later date or see what their off-peak prices are. ALWAYS ask lots of questions and look at their work and their testimonials to see what other couples have said about them.


If you want to find out more about my prices and how I can put together bespoke packages for you please get in touch, I would love to hear about your day!! Also, check out my recent blog on How to choose your wedding photographer.


How much should you pay for wedding photography


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