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Sussex wedding photographer – How to put together your perfect wedding photography package?

I want to offer you a simple and straightforward way to put together your perfect wedding photography package! Everything I offer is bespoke to you and the reason for this is, as with every couple, every wedding is different and  I believe it’s your day, do it your way! That includes your wedding photography. I want to help you to put together a wedding photography package that suits you and your day. Being a bespoke service you can ultimately have whatever you want in your package! Now, this may seem overwhelming, when the sky is the limit where do you start? In this blog, I am going to break it down so you can work out what you would like and how to build that perfect wedding photography package for you!!


Where to begin with your wedding photography package?

The first place to start is going to be what coverage (when to start and stop your photography) would like on your wedding day! What parts of the day you want to be photographed is totally down to you. It is about the aspects and events of the wedding day you would like captured. I tend to recommend starting a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony, this allows me to cover the last bit of getting ready and those lovely moments with your closest family and friends and a few last-minute nerves!

Then it’s a question of when you want me to finish, is it just through until you sit down for your wedding breakfast or speeches or through until your first dance or beyond? You tell me! I don’t tend to work by the hour and the reason for this is, unfortunately, wedding’s generally don’t always run on time and I’m just not the sort of person that could say  “oh it’s 7 pm I’m out of here!” So if you book me up until your first dance and for whatever reason, the dancing is delayed I will be there until you have done your Dirty Dancing lift (only joking, gentle swaying is perfectly acceptable!) 


Whatever coverage you book you will receive…

  1. Full professional editing of your photographs
  2. High resolutions photographs on a USB.
  3. Password secure online gallery of your wedding photographs.
  4. 50 thank you cards printed with your favourite photo.


1. Editing?

This may seem a strange thing to include in your package but it is also a massive part of what you’re paying a professional photographer for. I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 15 years and a photographer for over 20 years, editing is a highly skilled part of the job. I generally spend an additional 2 days after the wedding editing your photographs, initially, this involves selecting the best images, as a documentary wedding photographer I tend to shoot a couple of photographs of any moment to capture those authentic emotional images. It only takes a millisecond for someone to blink or move and that incredible shot is lost, this first stage of editing is honing down your photographs to the best of the best.

Once I have what I call my first edit, I then process them all through Photoshop, where I am tweaking things like colour correction, and contrast and of course converting some image to black and white. When we have our chat a week or so before the wedding day to confirm the final details of the day, one of my questions is always about the ratio of colour to black and white photography you would like.  All of this work is to produce a set of the highest quality wedding photographs you will cherish forever.



professional wedding photography editing


2. A beautifully boxed USB of your photographs.

Whatever package you put together, you will receive your final edited wedding photographs in a beautifully boxed USB, with a few extra little treats in there too! But you will have to wait and see what they are!! The photographs are all high resolution and have NO watermarks on them, ready for you to print from as big and often as you would like!! 


The number of photographs in a wedding photography package?

The number of fully edited photographs you will receive will depend on the amount of cover you choose. But as a guide, if I am with you most of the day you will receive around 400 fully edited photographs. I don’t have a limit on what I shoot on the day or a limit on the number you receive.


Danni Beach Photography USB


3. An online gallery of your wedding photographs.

You will be able to see your wedding photographs on an online, password-protected, gallery that you can share with your friends and family. Not only is it a great way for you and your guests to look at your photographs but you can also all order prints, canvas and much more straight from the online gallery.


4. Thank you cards.

Included in every package are 50 thank you cards, hopefully, one less thing to have to think about ordering! These beautiful A6 cards are printed with an image of your choice on the front and the details of the online gallery inside. I generally have Thank you printed inside but as with anything I do you can have whatever you like written inside.


What else would you like in your wedding photography package? – A wedding album?

I can offer you a wide selection of wedding albums if that is something you would like and I have lots of samples I can show you. If you order a wedding album I ask you to choose your favourite wedding photos and with your selection, I design the album layouts for you, then email them to you, with a cover brochure. So you can check you are happy with the design and pick the perfect cover for your main album. All of the printed books ( coffee table style) come with a free set of parent books that are mini copies of your main album. One of my brides coined the phrase “Mum’s bragging books!” I mean what parent would not want a little wedding album to show off to everyone! You can order an album at any time, there is no time limit! I have had couples come back years after their wedding wanting to treat themselves to a wedding album.


Danni Beach Photography wedding albums


Prints and wall art.

You can build in any number of prints or wall art into your wedding photography package or it is something you can come back and order at any point after the wedding. You might not have lots of amazing portraits of the two of you but after your wedding, you will have LOTS of stunning images you might want to put up around your house!


Wedding photography packages framed prints


Your perfect wedding photography package!

I hope that gives you a clear idea of how to put together that perfect wedding photography package. Ultimately I want to put together a package that  suits you and anything is possible, although I have to draw the line at singing (incase you were wondering!) I am here to help and be as flexible as possible! So the only things to really consider are;

  • The amount of photography coverage you want on the day?
  • Would you like any extras like albums, wall art etc?

It is as simple as that!! If you have any questions, please drop me a line or give me a call so we can chat through your day and come up with the perfect wedding photography package for you!

For more about how I photograph your wedding day check out this blog!

Thanks, Danni xxxx


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