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Sussex Wedding photography -Top 5 questions to ask a wedding photographer

Finding THE one and the question to ask a wedding photographer.

Finding the right wedding photographer to capture your wedding day can feel like a daunting task. Most people have never organised a wedding let alone book a photographer. Your wedding photographs are going to be the one lasting part of your day, so you want them to be right! There are lots of wedding photographers out there, so to help you narrow down your shortlist and find the perfect wedding photographer for you, here are my top 5 questions to ask a wedding photographer.


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1, The first questions to ask a wedding photographer are normally about their prices?

Once you have found out if they are available for your wedding date, the price is going to the next question. Some couples will have an extensive spreadsheet for their wedding budget and some people will just have a vague idea of what they want to spend. You will find that prices can vary drastically. Some of this will be dependent on how long you want your photographer to be there on the day and the additional products like albums and some of it will come down to photographers experience and the quality of their work. Like anything, you will often get what you pay for. So having a budget in mind is always a great idea

Not all photographers have their prices on their websites and some will only have starting prices. Don’t be put off by a lack of pricing on a website or assume that it will be over your budget, it is always worth asking if you like their work. 

Wedding photography prices and how different photographers price packages will also vary. Check out my blog on how much you should pay for your wedding photography There is no industry standard and it can leave you feeling confused! Which leads me nicely on to the next question…


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2, What is included in the price and package?

Wedding photographers will offer different packages and trying to compare them all can be very confusing! It is really important to ask what is OR isn’t included in the price of the package!

 * Initially what coverage are you getting, when does the photographer start and stop photographing on the day?

 * Will you get your photographs as high-resolution files, so you can print from them?

 * Will the photographs have watermarks on them?

 * Will you get a personal use copyright license that allows you to print out your wedding photos?

 * How will you receive the files? USB, dropbox etc

 * Will you receive fully edited photographs? Basic editing and retouching of your photos to remove shadows or strands of hair,          etc. it is usually included, but it’s worth checking.

 * Approximately how many photographs will you receive?

 * Can you create a bespoke package, tailored to exactly what we need?

 * Is an album included?

 * Are there any travel costs or additional expenses you will need to be aware of?

With the exact details of what is included in the price quoted it will be easier to compare prices between photographer.


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3, How long have they been a wedding photographer?

Weddings are uniquely busy and hectic event. Your wedding photographer needs to have experience of working at weddings and to have mastered capturing all those moments from candid portraits to organising group shots. Knowing exactly where to be and when, while not being in the way or taking over your wedding is vital! An experienced wedding photographer will also have a lot of knowledge from, useful tips on planning to how the day works if you are looking for advice.


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4, Can you see examples of  a whole wedding at your venue or one similar

You’ll get a feel for their style from looking at the portfolio on their website, but these will only be a highlight reel. To really see if you like a photographer’s work, you’ll want to look through a whole album. This will tell you how they capture the story of the day if you like how they take photos in different lighting conditions, and if they’re consistent with their quality and style.


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5, Can we meet?

You will be working with your wedding photographer before and after the wedding and most importantly they will be with you and your guest for 8 or so hour on the wedding day. Feeling relaxed and getting on with them is as important as the photographs they will take.

Meeting or a video call will give you a feel for them as a person and how comfortable you are with them. This is going to be one of the most important days of your life, having a great relationship with your wedding photographer will make your day even more special! This first meeting is as much about personality as it is expertise.

Meet both before you book and also before the wedding day, your photographer will need to know the timeline of the day, the exact time and place of your ceremony and reception; where you’re getting ready and what time you’re leaving on the morning; when the speeches and cake cutting will be; what time the first dance is. The more information they have, the better. Also, a chance to talk about any formal groups shots you want, this part of the day need to be really organised and not take too long. Giving your photographer a list of these groups shots, discussing when and where to photograph them, before the wedding will help to keep this section of the day organised and short and sweet.


Are they THE one for you?

Having a great relationship with your photographer will not only enhance your wedding day but make the process of planning run smoothly. Choosing your wedding photographer is a really personal choice and a lot of it will come down to personality and your gut feeling!


There are no silly questions to ask a wedding photographer


Remember there are no silly questions to ask a wedding photographer, we are here to help and should happy to answer any questions. How they communicate with you will also give you a feel for them and how they work. So before you confirm your booking and pay a deposit;

Do you have a good rapport and feel comfortable with the photographer?

Do you trust them to take the best pictures of your day?

If your answers are yes then it’s likely you have found your perfect wedding photographer.

I hope you have found this help full! If you want to ask me any of these questions or anything else please get in touch, I would love to hear your wedding plans and please feel free to pick my brains on anything wedding related!!!

For more wedding planning advice please hop on over to my wedding planning advice section and for more information about how I photograph your wedding day check out this blog.


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